dforce3000 newsfeed http://ultra16.dforce3000.de dforce3000 specializes in SNES development, collecting and obscurities en-en d4s Sat, 23 Mar 2019 09:19:00 +0100 Back online As you might have noticed, this page is pretty much dead since about seven years.That's why I've disabled it completely earlier this year.However, it has come to my attention that this might be considered disrespectful towards the good people who have contributed content to the filedump section of this page. For this reason, I'm putting it back online and plan to keep it that way. Apart from that, I've more or less retracted from online communication.As far as Project N is concerned (the original reason for the extended hiatus), I do not have any news.I still have hope that we can release it one day... http://ultra16.dforce3000.de rss@dforce3000.de (d4s) 2019-03-23-09-19-00 Sat, 23 Mar 2019 09:19:00 +0100 intermission Hiatus is still in effect and will be for quite some time, but here's something to keep you entertained in the mean time: Video footage of a 5 year old unorthodox rhythm game/rpg hybrid I developed but never finished & released. Me playing & talking about the game and the motivations behind it: Annotated direct feed footage: http://ultra16.dforce3000.de rss@dforce3000.de (d4s) 2013-02-03-15-54-55 Sun, 03 Feb 2013 15:54:55 +0100 Extended hiatus http://ultra16.dforce3000.de rss@dforce3000.de (d4s) 2012-09-06-22-40-49 Thu, 06 Sep 2012 22:40:49 +0200 Super Road Blaster sourcecode I've uploaded the full sourcecode of Super Road Blaster to github.This is version 1.2, which features a couple of bugfixes here and there as well as new features.Regular release: Super Road Blaster v1.2 for Super Nintendo (453Mb download)Full changelog below: added support for 1/1/1 chipset SNES/SFC added persistent highscore saving to SRAM added level completion screens added support for new msu1 command (audio error) fixed glitching sprite tiles after game over/new game (super rare) fixed wrongly allocated palette on hud sprites (super rare) fixed death events in level 4 fixed death event in level1 fixed black flickering on scene change fixed invalid frames on real hardware (relatively rare) fixed single-frame gfx glitch on dashboard when dying fixed flicker on video load fixed pause not pausing video bug fixed super logo not getting deleted (super rare) fixed dashboard bg layer having wrong tilemap size http://ultra16.dforce3000.de rss@dforce3000.de (d4s) 2012-08-31-00-24-08 Fri, 31 Aug 2012 00:24:08 +0200 Extended hiatus coming up In about two weeks, I'll be embarking on a super-awesome quest that will probably keep me busy for at least the next nine months. That means if you have any question you want to ask me, any cartridge that needs to be dumped or any game that needs to be cracked, better contact me right now. You might still get an answer from me after these two weeks, but if you don't, you now know why. ;) There will be another Super Road Blaster release soon, probably including sourcecode. Cheers! http://ultra16.dforce3000.de rss@dforce3000.de (d4s) 2012-08-15-00-35-15 Wed, 15 Aug 2012 00:35:15 +0200 ROM dump: 슈퍼20합 Here's something else for a change:A dump of a korean pirate multi-cart featuring 20 games, mostly NES/Famicom conversions.I don't know much korean, but I guess the title means something like 'Super 20 Collection'.They went out of their way to add new sound effects and music to the games (including a very cheesy Super Mario Bros theme remix).Game doesn't work on emulators yet because there's a custom bankswitching mechanism involved.Thanks to Svambo for letting me borrow his cartridge!Video: http://ultra16.dforce3000.de rss@dforce3000.de (d4s) 2012-06-02-16-22-02 Sat, 02 Jun 2012 16:22:02 +0200 Super Road Blaster v1.1 It's official: I've gotten quite a lot of valuable feedback after releasing version 1.0 and have been working hard on fixing any remaining issues. Time to give you the definitive version, the biggest game on the system by far and the Sega Mega CD killer: Super Road Blaster v1.1 for Super Nintendo! (453Mb download) Mirror on superfamicom.org Game manual Ok, maybe I'm 20 years late, but who's perfect, right? ;) Gameplay video: Screenshots: Intro Titlescreen Gameplay http://ultra16.dforce3000.de rss@dforce3000.de (d4s) 2012-05-19-19-20-26 Sat, 19 May 2012 19:20:26 +0200 Super Road Blaster released I'm releasing version 1.0 of Road Blaster for SNES today, which has aptly been renamed to Super Road Blaster. Not all planned features and requests (persistent highscore saving, 256color intro video etc.) have been implemented, but I hope you enjoy it anyway: Click here to download (453Mb download) Mirror on superfamicom.org thanks to Matthew Callis. Download includes game manual. [Update] Archive has been updated to ROM version 1.1. http://ultra16.dforce3000.de rss@dforce3000.de (d4s) 2012-05-13-22-51-36 Sun, 13 May 2012 22:51:36 +0200