Road Blaster on SNES

-beta 0.1 release-

717_1324879694.pngIt's that time of the year again...

A little late for christmas and sadly not finished, but rather barely playable, here's something new for your SNES.

The first direct port of a laserdisc game to the SNES, the first MSU-1 game and the biggest game on the SNES yet, at a whopping 6816 Mbit in size.
Msu-1 support is mandatory, so you will need either Bsnes or a sd2snes cartridge.

This thing is very unpolished, has a couple of graphical glitches and doesn't run in NTSC mode (due to v-blank limitations) yet, but I didn't feel like sitting on it any longer.

I give you:
Road Blaster
Mirror on
thanks to Matthew Callis

Updates will follow. Feel free to report any bugs/crashes you might encounter.

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Digimon Adventure crack

713_1315740540.pngAnother game supplied by Bramsworth and Azathoth.

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Pokemon Gold Silver crack

609_1315740111.pngI've been waiting for a long time to get my hands on that one.
Again thanks to Bramsworth & Azathoth, I was finally able to crack it.
Apart from the usual stupid schemes, it featured a rather obscure protection that didn't kick in before the player fired 32 shots, then waited for another 512 frames before finally crashing the game.
But, as we all know, security by obscurity never works, so here's the crack.

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Soul Edge vs Samurai

-cracked for your pleasure (?)-

137_1315739450.pngThanks to Bramsworth for providing the cartridge and Azathoth for dumping it.

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Pocket Monsters crack fix

880_1315739177.pngPrevious crack crashed the game when looking down, so here's the fix.

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Super Famicom Box confusion

975_1309089482.pngI believe there's still some confusion(even if it's only on my part) regarding the Super Famicom Box ROM-dumps out there.
In a nutshell, I dumped a couple of ROMs, but not all of them.

ROMs inside Super Famicom Box:

ROMs inside cartridges:





To clarify: I own a Super Famicom Box with cartridges PSS-61(containing ATROM-4S-0) and PSS-63 and have dumped all contained ROMs except for KROM 1. PSS-64 has not been dumped by me and AFAIK not by anyone else. This cartridge contains a unique GROM and (probably already otherwise dumped) game ROMs.
Judging from Youtube-videos linked above, there appears to be a PSS-61 cartridge out there with a newer menu ROM(probably ATROM-4S-1)
The Super Famicom Box consists of Super Famicom hardware and a yet unspecified system used to superimpose text onto the SFCs video output.

My current understanding is that KROM 1 is the boot-ROM of the latter, ATROM-4S-x is the boot-ROM and menu of the Super Famicom and GROMx-1 contains game-specific data for the superimposing system.

If you own PSS-62 or PSS-64 and want their contents dumped or if you have comments or corrections regarding the above, please contact me at matt [at]

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NCON 10 challenge

-Mario World time-attack-

997_1307572388.pngI'm almost too ashamed to admit it, but I've created a romhack again.
A romhack of Super Mario World, of all things.
Yes, the Super Mario World that has been hacked to death a bazillion times.
But bear with me as this at least brings a couple of new things: Gone are overworld, titlescreen and game selection.
This game dumps you right into one of three specially-crafted time-attack stages repeated in an infinite loop after selecting them via a (admittedly poor) main menu.
You don't have lives, score or coins anymore.
All that counts is the time it takes you to complete a stage and this time is displayed on-screen with single-frame precision.

This was created for a local Nintendo convention called NCON and took over 70 hours to develop in total, including working for almost 3 days straight without catching any sleep. Like ever so often, it's a pretty rough hack job under the hood.

It was really enjoyable to see people getting hooked to this, trying to beat each others record by the millisecond for hours.
I created 3 cartridges of this game and people were constantly occupying them, all the way through the night and the next day.

On a not-so-fortunate sidenote, I've decided to drop all future support of any kind for NCON and related events.
The reason being that I have not once in my life met such ungratefulness for supporting an event by one of the organizers, having been treated downright disrespectful.
All I got from him was constant bitching and whining over non-issues.
Best part about this is that I even sent him a preview version the week before, so he could have easily checked it out and made suggestions about the parts he didn't like while I was developing it.
Needless to say, he didn't even bother to try it out beforehand.
I just don't get the arrogance and stupidity of people, sometimes...

Release includes sourcecode.

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King of Fighters 2000

-SNES version dumped & cracked by yours truly-

985_1304723948.pngYet again thanks to Lord Azathoth for supplying the cartridge. This game was previously undumped, so I've included both the unaltered dump and a cracked version. Protection-wise, it's still the same stupid crap DVS has been using since Pocket Monsters.

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